Deborah Schlehuber Big Brother Kevin Schlehuber’s Wife

Deborah Schlehuber

Deborah Schlehuber is the lovely wife of Big Brother house guest, Kevin Schlehuber –he is the oldest constant this season.

During his CBS interview Kevin said his plan was “Being myself, I think that will work every time!!” I sure hope that’s the case –after being asked what his strategy to win the $500k prize was.

Kevin actually has some experience when it comes to competing. He also revealed to CBS, that he was Mr. Massachusetts in 1986, won a “Hunk contest” on the Geraldo show, and was a dunk champion for Boston in 1981.

Kevin enjoyed playing basketball in his neighborhood when he was a kid and he prides himself on his ability to slam dunk a basketball.

Another interesting fact about Debora’s husband is that, his father, Andrew F. Schlehuber Jr. –was as convicted on drug trafficking charges in 2006, according to The Boston Globe.

Deborah and her husband are not your average couple. While she leaves their house every day to work, Kevin is the one who stays at home to look out for their kids.

The Boston, Massachusetts residents have been married for years, 31-years to be exact. Together they are the proud parents of seven children! Yes, seven, six of them are girls, and one son.


The wife and mom of seven is a neonatal nurse who currently works in Boston a Boston hospital. According to some online sources she makes more than $200k a year.

Beborah Schlehuber is the Nurse in Charge, Neonatal ICU, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

The lovely Deborah was recently thrown into the spotlight after her name was involved in a horrible joke made by another house guest. Contestant Jason Dent was way out of bounds when he joked about raping Deborah.

Kevin’s wife was deeply disturbed and offended and told TMZ; Jason making those comments on the shows’ live feed, while laughing hysterically, is, the worst thing she’s ever seen.

Deborah isn’t very active on social media but she sometimes makes appearances on her daughters, Instagram.

Would you be as angry as Deborah Schlehuber following the rape comment?