Deanna Reid- Travis Alexander’s Ex-girlfriend

Deanna Reid

An ex-girlfriend of Jodi Arias says she killed in self-defense! Deanna Reid, Travis’s ex-GF, testified Tuesday that with her, the injured party was by no means physically or verbally abusive.

Deanna Reid said she dated Travis Alexander for some months before she went to Costa Rica in 2000 to serve a Mormon mission. The pair broke up while she was away.

They rekindled their bond in 2002, but Reid said they broke up again about three years later since Alexander wasn’t prepared for nuptials, whereas she wanted to settle down. They remained friends until his death, she said.

The trial went on like this:

Would he ever call you names?

Prosecutor Juan Martinez asked Reid.

No he did not.

She replied.

Did he ever strike you or physically advance on you or inflict any physical violence on you?

Martinez asked.

No, never.

Said Reid, who is now caring for Alexander’s dog Napoleon.

All through the practically 2 1/2 months of defense testimony, Arias’ lawyers worked to represent her as a victim of physical and emotional abuse by Alexander. Arias claims her lover had grown so obnoxious, once choking her into oblivion, that on the day he died, she feared for her life.

On the other hand, no evidence or proof at trial — other than Arias’ own explanation has supported the defendant’s claims. Martinez sought Tuesday to use Reid in an effort to demonstrate jurors that Arias is lying.

Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi later asked the witness explicit questions about her rapport with Alexander. Reid said the two had been sexually dear, and that they were conscious it violated the doctrines of the Mormon Church. Both Reid and the victim were members of the trust which teaches abstinence previous to marriage.

Some facts about Reid:

Deanna Reid is interested in DIY homemade recipes and stuff you can easily recycle at home. She likes gardening. Her dressing style is urban chic. She celebrated her daughter’s Sadie, B-day Big! She likes photography and mostly family portraits. She has many friends who are in the timing of becoming mums and loves to organize Baby Showers for them. She is a food fan and likes to try new flavors. She is a homely mum and likes to have a Home Sweet Home. She likes pets too. She owns a Schnauzer. She is interested in fitness at home. Her favorite seasons are winter and fall, thus her fav holidays are Halloween and Christmas! Her motto:

Motherhood is a choice you make every day to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own love to reach the hard lessons to do the right thing even when you are not sure what the right thing is…

Redacted: A close friend of Mrs. Reid, let us know she doesn’t have a daughter; we apologized to her, and feel deeply sadden that our mistake was the instrument used by shady people to make up fake stories about her. This is what we received.

“A vile man by the name of George Barwood has started a rumor all over social media claiming that the child is Travis Alexanders’s, which is completely false. There is no child at all and Deanna has hired a lawyer. If you do not redact this false information, legal counsel will take action, as they are already in the process of serving Mr Barwood and Mr McGee with cease and desist letters, as well as other legal actions. “

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