David Marshall Roe- Eden Prairie missing girl Mandy Matula’s Boyfriend

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24-year-old David Marshall Roe of Victoria, is believed to have been with Mandy Matula around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday at Miller Park in Eden Prairie; that’s the place where Matula’s family say they think she was before she disappeared!

After she failed to show up to work Thursday, she was reported missing. Police are following up leads into the disappearance and that includes David Marshall who is no stranger to Mandy since they were boyfriend and girlfriend but!  And this is a big but, they had recently broken up…could it be his motive? Like her boyfriend Mandy is24,  they both graduated in 2007 from Eden Prairie High School, where they were standout athletes. It has been reported Mandy told her family and friends she was planning on breaking up with Roe before she went missing, she was last seen with him on Thursday at 1:30 a.m.

David Roe was all-conference in football and played on the 5A state championship team and attended the University of St. Thomas for some time, where he played football. He also played basketball in high school.

Now David, who in the first place agreed to cooperate with the investigation and showed up for questioning Thursday May 2, might have the answers Police are looking for but on an unfortunate turn of events that, leave Roe’s life and his involvement on his ex-girlfriend case in serious uncertainty took place at the Police parking lot yesterday.

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The young man shot himself in the Eden Prairie City Center parking lot. David Roe had a gun and alcohol in his vehicle at Eden Prairie City Center when he showed up to talk to an investigator about missing person Matula, his ex. Officers asked to speak to Roe, and he agreed to come in and as they followed him into the lot at about 1:30 p.m. they discovered he had a handgun in the vehicle.

Before taking a shot Roe put a white piece of paper up to the window; according to police audio. Officers were called to the scene with their rifles. Then he gripped the gun with both hands before putting it up to his chin and shooting. He was taken immediately to Hennepin County Medical Center on his suicide attempt; there hasn’t been any information on his condition.

Police Lt. Bill Wyffels said his condition is not currently known as well as what the message he wrote is not known for whom was meant for…But it sure could clear a whole lot!

Could it be his testimony? Mandy’s whereabouts? What he did with her? His suicide letter?

Roe’s ex-girlfriend Mandy who is still missing as Police continues to investigate including Roe’s final words on that message.

Mandy Marie Matula was born to 68-year-old Anita Vincent and Wayne Matula, she has one brother Steven

Anyone with information on Matula’s whereabouts is asked to call 952-949-6200.