Dave Hester’s Wife Donna Hester

Donna Hester

Donna Hester is the lovely wife of TV personality, Dave Hester -whom you may recognize from his time on A&E reality, Storage Wars.

Donna’s 55-year-old husband suffered a hemorrhagic stroke a few months ago and recent reports say he is well on his way to recovery.
Well known for belting “Yuuuuuup!” at storage locker auctions, Dave -also operates his own auction house called Dave Hester Auctions.
The businessman and professional auctioneer was born in 1964 at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps to a military father.

Donna Hester

According to his A&E bio, Dave was forced into community service at a local Goodwill Store following a DUI in 2005. Seeing the potential in such an operation, the then furniture store owner transformed his operation into a thrift store. The idea changed his life.

Dave is known for his strict and disciplined personality, he goes by the nickname The Mogul. However, Dave is definitely low-key when it comes to his personal life. Despite his successful professional life, he is not a big fan of exposing his personal life in front of media.

Dave is married to Donna Hester, the couple, however, has not revealed their relationship details with the media. Donna Hester keeps a low profile despite being married to a TV figure. She is definitely not a fan of the limelight and the couple try their best to keep their family out of it. She is the mother of the couple’s son, Dave Hester Jr -who has made few appearances in Storage Wars along with his father. As for Donna, is not entirely clear what the pretty blonde does, we believe she is a dedicated housewife.

Judging by social media, Dave and Donna Hester seem to be living a blissful relationship. On an instagram page for their dogs, the two can be seen going on dates frequently to spend quality time with each other.
Both of them are an animal lovers and are very fond of their two pugs, Pinkey and Violet.