Danni Tamburro Adam Hicks’ girlfriend

Danni Tamburo

Danni Tamburro is currently in a romantic relationship with Adam Hicks, a young actor and rapper -who is currently in the middle of a scandal after getting arrested on serious charges.

Born Adam Paul Nielson Hicks on November 28, 1992; the Las Vegas, Nevada native is best known for his role on Disney’s “Zeke and Luther” and also Disney XD Original Series “Pair of Kings.”

The 25-year-old red head, was arrested on charges of armed robbery. Police says Tamburro was his accomplice.

According to police reports, Hicks and Tamburro are guilty of committing at least 4 armed robberies. TMZ says the two would go up to people walking in the San Fernando Valley area, stick a gun in their face and demand money, cellphones and other items.

Danni Tamburo

Isn’t this the dumbest of charges for a supposed Hollywood star? Isn’t people like him supposed to have loads of money! Why on earth would a so-called celebrity be arrested for robbery? It could probably mean two things, he was probably on drugs, or could he be mentally unbalanced and not because of the effect of drugs?

Danni Tamburo

Adam Hicks began acting as a child and landed multiple episodes of Titus before taking the lead in the 2006 children’s film How to Eat Fried Worms. He also starred in the film Lemonade Mouth. Most recently in 2016, he joined the cast of Hulu’s Freakish as Diesel.

On the other hand, Danni Tamburro is also connected to the showbiz industry. The 23-year-old was born in Texas and currently resides in Burbank. She began her career as a child appearing in TV commercials.

From her IMDb page we know she is an actress, with roles on Shameless (2011), Color Me You (2017) and 1 Dark Night (2018). She worked alongside Tom Arnold in the independent film, “1 Interrogation.”

She also goes by Danni Shea on social media. She also has a website which says she is a first class equestrian and dog lover.

According to the NY Daily News Danni has also been arrested. The couple remains in custody and are scheduled to appear in court on Friday. They’re both being held on $350,000 bail.

Check her out on Instagram here.