Dana Loesch’s Husband Chris Loesch

Chris Loesch

Chris Loesch is the proud and supportive husband of political commentator and radio personality, Dana Loesch.

Chris’s wife is a NRA spokesperson, you may know her best from her award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, The Dana Show. Danna who appears regularly on Fox News, ABC and CNN –also hosts “Dana” on The Blaze television network. You could also recognize her from ‘The View’ which she has co-hosted a few times.

She was mentored by the late Andrew Breitbart and thus became one of the original Breitbart editors. In 2012 she won the Accuracy In Media’s Grassroots Journalism award, as well as the inaugural Breitbart Spirit Award. Two years later she was listed in the top 25 of Talkers Magazine‘s top 100 “heavy hitters” and was named Missouri’s #1 Radio Personality.

The former award-winning newspaper columnist, is also the author of two best-selling books: “Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America” and “Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run A Country You’ve Never Been To.”

Dana who is a Missouri native currently resides in Texas with hubby, Chris.

Chris Loesch Chris Loesch is not only the husband of Dana, he is also her manager. In addition, he also uses other adjectives on social media to describe himself such as, ‘Musician, Singer, Music Producer, Composer, Shooter. Editor/Journalist’

He could also add ‘bearded fella’ since he has a particularly styled beard and mustache. According to his LinkedIn, Chris is a former music studio owner and also graphic artist. Apparently, he spent years touring ‘bringing new musical concepts and sounds to life.’

He also lists himself as the owner, producer, and creative director of Intuation Studios LLC in Dallas, Texas –which he opened in 2014. He previously owned Shock City Studios LLC in St. Louis.

Chris and Dana tied the knot in 2000 and have since welcomed two sons together.

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