Dakotah Quail Dyer- Michigan Jessica Heeringa’s Boyfriend/ Fiance


dakotah quail-dyer facebook profile

Jessica Heeringa, 25, was supposed to be working at the Exxon Mobil gas station at 1196 E. Sternberg Road In Muskegon, Michigan on Friday night, but she was not able to be located after police were called to the gas station at about 11:15 p.m. that night. Customers had called 911 after entering the store and finding no employees present, police have said.

Shcokinlgy her purse along with the cash register were found undisturbed! And when asked whether it’s likely Heeringa knows her alleged abductors, Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw said that’s hard to determine;

“It’s possible, but it’s also possible, with her personality, that she was very helpful and she was just trying to help somebody (when the alleged abduction occurred),” Shaw said.

The young mother who was allegedly abducted from a Norton Shores gas station lives with her boyfriend and have been together for five years, The couple shares a son-a baby boy who is three years old- and are engaged to be married.

Jessica lives with her fiancé Dakotah Quail Dyer and he might have been the last person she spoke with before vanishing from earth. On Friday night, Heeringa spoke to her fiancé, Dakotah Dyer, between 10 and 10:15 pm and told him she planned to be home early from her shift, he said when interrogated.




Do you think this will turn out to be one of those cases where she was killed by her boyfriend?? I mean there are so many jaw dropping cases it would be nothing new. But giving him the benefit of doubt Mr. Quail-Dyer said to WOODTV.com

“We just hope she’s OK and that she’ll come home,” “We miss her and love, we need her home.”

We don’t know if police is considering Dakota as a suspect but as the closest person in her life he might have a lead on something. West Michigan police say they’ve ruled out several family members, friends and acquaintances in connection with the disappearance of Dakota’s fiancé. He is seen in a heartfelt video asking for help below. And has posted on his Facebook

Dakotah is originally from Muskegon, Michigan but currently lives in Muskegon Heights Michigan. He attended Mona Shores High School and worked at Texas Roadhouse, according to his Facebook page.

dakotah quail-dyer facebook

In the meantime authorities have received tips from all over the country, including New Jersey, Arkansas and St. Louis, Mo.

The blond working mom who was soon to be married had no beef with anyone and just looks like a hard working girl who is now missed by her loved ones. We sure hope she comes back safe.

If you have any info regarding this abduction case, police want to hear from you at (231) 722-7463. There is also a Facebook page you can visit if you have any information here.