Corey Lewandowski Trump’s Campaign Manager

Meet Corey Lewandowski

Corey Lewandowski is a synonym of Donald Trump. Corey happens to be the campaign manager of the real estate mogul, who is currently after the U.S. presidency.

As if Donald Trump hasn’t enough controversy surrounding him, it has now translated to other members of his staff.

Corey Lewandowski allegedly went to far in an altercation involving a female reporter. Outlets say, 43-year-old Corey –a Massachusetts native –grabbed Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields as she tried to ask Trump a question during a March 8 campaign event.

It was all caught on tape and police in Jupiter Florida released the video showing the incident.

Corey Lewandowski had no choice but to surrendered Tuesday morning to face the misdemeanor charge of battery, NBC News reported. He is scheduled to appear before a judge on May 4.

While the police report stated Corey’s actions caused Michelle Fields “what appears to be a grabbing-type injury,” Trump stated Corey is innocent and that he will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court because he is completely confident that he will be exonerated.


Corey Lewandowski, a political advisor born September 18, 1973, previously ran Americans for Prosperity’s national voter-registration effort. Believe it or not, this is his first time running a national campaign and you got to give to him.

Corey has had back to back wins in South Carolina and New Hampshire and a second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses;  positioning Trump as a strong shot at the Republican nomination.

He was hired by Trump last summer and he is getting a sweet pay of $20,000 a month in his role as Trump’s campaign manager.

He is known among his colleagues to be the type of guy who is always in constant movement. Lewandowski tried to forge his own political career, running unsuccessfully for town treasurer in 2012, NPR reports.

He has spent half his life in politics, from behind the scenes, known in New Hampshire political circles as a hard-charging operative who was as unafraid to take on Republicans as he was to take on Democrats.

Corey holds a degree in Political Science from University of Massachusetts Lowell and a Master from American University. He also studied Strategy and Force Planning at the Naval War College, according to his LinkedIn.

He is married to wife, Alison Lewandowski and the couple has four children, three sons and a daughter together. He and his family reside in Windham, New Hampshire.

You can find him on Twitter here.