Cody Nickson Big Brother Jessica Graf’s Boyfriend

Cody Nickson

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf were both Big Brother season 19 house guests when they met and developed a romantic relationship. Now Jessica is out of the house with Cody Nickson still inside.

26-year-old, Cranston, RI native Jessica, is a VIP concierge who currently resides in Los Angeles. On her CBS bio she called herself honest, loud, loyal, wildly inappropriate and mildly apologetic.

Jessica’s whose life motto is ‘do it with passion or not it all’ has lived in eight states and would’ve taken her dog into the house. Miss Graf loves doing yoga and allegedly gave up a summer of traveling to be in the Big Brother House and share a bathroom with 15-other people.

But while inside the house, she fell for Cody Nickson.

cody nickson

Nickson is a 32-year-old Lake Mills, IA native. Currently based in Plano, Texas, he works as a construction sales rep. He previously served in the Marine Corps and was stationed in North Carolina.

Cody served in the Marine Corps from December 2008 to December 2012, reaching the rank of E-4 Corporal with a specialty as a Rifleman. TMZ reports he previously served in the U.S. Air Force as well.

cody nickson

Cody Nickson described himself to CBS as confident charming and sweet. He is very into his motorcycle but he is most happy when surfing. He was evicted but returned to the house after winning the Battle Back competition.

The hunky fella had a clear strategy to win the game. He revealed during his interview he would get rid of the overbearing houseguests first. The ‘floaters’ would go second and added

“After that, I would try to win every competition, which I have the ability to do, if it’s individual. If there’s a way to accomplish these things through influence and by causing someone else to execute my moves, I’ll make that happen.”

Do you think there’s a chance he was just using Jessica to get rid of her at the end?

Jessica who claims her boobs are real –and Cody Nickson bonded while inside the Big Brother House. The two became inseparable as other houseguest shunned them.

He’s been seen as somewhat of a villain after he insulted transgender house guest, Audrey –calling her a dude dressed as a woman.

Cody also happens to be a single dad. He is the father of a five-year-old daughter.

Are you a fan?

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