Cindy Hyde-Smith‘s Husband Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Michael Smith is the proud husband of Mississippi senator, Cindy Hyde-Smith –currently in a bit of a pickle after making alleged racist remarks.

Michael’s wife became the first woman to represent Mississippi in Congress after she was appointed earlier this year. Over the weekend the 59-year-old, who faces a runoff against Mike Espy –an African-American opponent, joked about attending “a public hanging” if he invited her.

Cindy comes from a fourth-generation farming family. Her family raises beef cattle and are partners in a local stockyard auction market in Brookhaven. She is a graduate of Copiah-Lincoln Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi.

Cindy Hyde-Smith was appointed by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by long-time Senator Thad Cochran, who resigned in April 2018. Prior to her selection, Hyde-Smith was elected to the Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce in 2011.

Michael Smith

She is happily married to cattle farmer husband, Michael Smith –with whom has a daughter.

Michael Smith, along with his senator wife, raises beef cattle on their farm in Brookhaven. When not doing what farmers do, Michael Smith enjoys elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains.

The two are the proud parents of 19-year-old daughter, Anna-Michael who according to online info, plans to follow into her parents footsteps as the next in line to become a farmer. Their daughter is currently a student at Mississippi State University.

Michael Smith who goes by Mike Smith, is also a partner in Lincoln County Livestock, which holds cattle auctions.

Two things made Hyde-Smith fall in love with her husband, she told the Business Journal: he could saddle a horse and he tithed, the act of giving 10 percent to the church.

According to her website, the family of three are active members of Macedonia Baptist Church.