Christy Hansen- The Bachelor Season 18 Contestant

christy hansen 4 pic

Although not much is known about Christy Hansen, come January we will probably become very well acquainted with her. She is one of the 27 women chosen to try to sweep Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis off his feet.

This beautiful blonde is twenty four years old and comes from Chicago. Although she’s a hairstylist, she works as a marketing manager at Westside Mechanical Group in Chicago.

Will she be the chosen one? There are a lot of spoilers out there, but we don’t do that here, and anyway, spoilers so early on usually turn out to be wrong.

Juan Pablo Galavis was named the Bachelor for season 18 at the end of the Bachelorette season 9, after he was rejected by Desiree Hartsock in week six. This gorgeous guy is sure to have the girls excited to be candidates for step mom to his adorable four year old daughter Camila.

One night before the premier of the show, on Sunday, January 5, there will be a special, The Bachelor: Coubtdown to Juan Pablo. We will get a chance to see his life in Miami and meet his little girl. We will also be introduced to the lucky ladies who will be fighting for his heart.

Of course, almost all the shows have been already taped, will Juan Pablo and Christy be a couple? Will he choose another of the lovely ladies he will get to know? I guess we’ll just have to watch and see how things turn out. There’s sure to be a lot of drama and romance!


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