Christopher Precopia A Selfie Saved him from a 99 years sentence

Christopher Precopia

Christopher Precopia is the Texas man who just dodged a major bullet by avoiding decades in jail, all thanks to a selfie.

Precopia credits a selfie for saving him from 99 years in jail. He had been facing the dreadful sentence after being accused by his former girlfriend. Cops showed up at his work on September of 2017 to arrest him under charges of burglary with the intent to commit other crimes.

Precopia, an innocent man, says he had no idea what was going on or why he was being arrested. He later learned his high school ex-girlfriend, had gone to the cops with a bogus story. His accuser told cops Precopia broke into her home in Temple and sliced an X into her chest with a box cutter.

Christopher Precopia

However, his ex said the alleged attack happened on the same night and around the same time Christopher was at a hotel in Austin with his family. Luckily for him he decided to take a picture of the evening and even posted it on social media –thankfully, Precopia was able to say where he was exactly on that specific day–and that was 65 miles away from his accuser.

His accuser gave oral and written statements detailing how Precopia had forced his way into her home, pushing her to the ground before punching her in the face and slicing her with the box cutter. She also told Temple police that she and Precopia had a troubled relationship several years earlier.

Police finally dropped the charges against Precopia nine months after his arrest when his lawyer, presented the alibi evidence to Bell County prosecutors. He is currently free on a $150,000 bail his family posted by taking out loans.

21-year-old Christopher James Precopia also known as CJ, is the son of Erin and David Precopia. He has a younger brother named Chase. CJ previously worked at a lumberyard in Georgetown.