Christopher Alan Ware – British Couple Hannah Witheridge and David Miller’ Killer???


Christopher Alan Ware is living his worst nightmare, what could be worst than being a suspect of murder in Thailand? Ever saw “Return to Paradise” ??

Now, this is no fiction, the Briton has been pointed out as a suspect over the brutal murder of his close friend and another female backpacker!

The slayings of David Miller and his romantic partner Hannah Witheridge at Koh Tao was allegedly carried out with a garden hoe, typically used by beachside bars to dig holes for fires on the main beach. Initial forensic tests were carried out on the victims late today, pointing to a more complicated struggle; the perpetrator hacked them to death.

christopher alan ware-victims

Christopher Alan Ware was stopped at Bangkok’s main airport with his brother James on Wednesday for more questioning a day after being told by police he could leave the island. Police chief suggested there may be a bisexual element to the relationships and crime.

There is evidence both victims had sex either before or after they died, although it is not known with whom and if it was consensual.

The Ware brothers and Mr Miller were sharing a room at Ocean View resort which became the eventual murder scene.

Mr Ware, who had previously been quizzed over the killings (pictured below) when officers became concerned by his injury but was allowed to leave the island; in a sudden twist he has re-emerged as a leading suspect in the murder.

christopher alan ware-1

As the result of the investigation getting deeper details; a pair of Christopher Ware’s blood-stained pants were found in luggage belonging to David Miller. Now, media reports say Mr Ware, who a police official said had “left the island promptly” after being questioned and cleared by police, reportedly has been told to remain in Bangkok pending more investigation. Pol Sr Sgt Apichet Cherdguea told the German Press Agency that immigration officials have been asked to block his departure from Thailand.

Christopher and brother James Ware were trying to return to Britain but were stopped at Suvarnabhumi International airport.

Reports from the Daily Mail say Mr Miller died from severe blows to his head and drowning, also post-mortem on Miss Witheridge revealed signs of recent sexual activity but this did not necessarily indicate she had been raped, experts say.

Police had focused on six Burmese migrant workers but DNA did not match any of their suspects so far.

Investigators do believe there was more than one attacker, could it be the Ware brothers?

The story is still developing so keep checking for updates!