Chris Young: Kim Kardashian Working on the Release of nonviolent drug felon

Chris Young

Chris Young could be the lucky felon who will be next released by the intercession of reality TV star, Kim Kardashian.

Saint Kim Kardashian is doing it again, you may recall she helped to get Alice Johnson’s 1996’s life in prison conviction for a similar arrest, overturned in June 2018. Kardashian made headlines when she successfully put pressure on President Donald Trump to commute Johnson’s life without parole sentence.

The reality TV star, businesswoman and mother of three is now taking on Chris Young’s case.

Kim thinks Young’s sentence of life without parole for a non-violent drug conviction is so unfair. Young, 30, is serving life without parole in Lexington, Kentucky.

Chris Young

Eight years ago, Young –who worked at a funeral home but later turned to drug dealing –was found with half a gram of cocaine when he was arrested. He initially offered a plea deal that included 14 years in prison, but he rejected the deal and instead chose to go to trial.

Chris Young was found guilty of conspiracy with intent to possess and distribute crack and cocaine. He was also in possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2010 in Tennessee.

At the time he was no stranger to jail, having been arrested twice before. Back in 2006 he was busted for drug and firearm possession and possession of less than a half-gram of cocaine in 2007.

Chris revealed in an interview three years ago he made a lot of bad choices after his older brother then 22, committed suicide in 2007. At the time he said he felt the only person who understood him was gone. Young had testified his mother was a drug addict and that he grew up in a home with no electricity and running water.

Since being locked up, Chris Young dedicates his time to books and also works as a clerk in prison.

It’s been revealed even the judge in his case, resigned from the bench after being forced to hand out such a harsh sentence.