Chris Gursky Hand Gliders Scary Flight After Pilot Forgets To Attach Him To The Craft

Chris Gursky

Chris Gursky has been identified as the fella who got really lucky after surviving a nearly death experience.

Mr. Gursky signed up for his first hand gliding flight experience without thinking it would become into one of the scariest episodes of his life.

Just second after take-off, Gursky realized he wasn’t attached to the craft, becoming apparent that his pilot had forgotten to hook him onto the glider. Chris who is a YouTuber –had to hang on for dear life to a metal bar for over two minutes while the pilot steered the glider with one hand and tried to bring it safely to the ground. The incident took place in Switzerland where Chris was spending his holiday with his wife.

Chris Gursky is a Florida resident who works as an auto-parts manager. He is married to wife, Gail Gursky.

Chris is also a photographer and he filmed the entire incident posting it on YouTube and labeling it ‘Swiss Mishap.’ The heart-stopping footage shows how both pilot and Chris are desperate to get to the ground.

Chris Gursky

While the pilot struggled to control the glider, Chris tightly grips a metal bar with his left hand in the video and holds onto the instructors back with his right as they glide over trees and fields. The two go higher before the pilot gets the glider under control and when they finally get close enough to the ground, Chris is able to let go. As a result of the scary ride, Chris tore his left bicep tendon and had to have surgery on his right wrist after it suffered a distal radius fracture from the impact of dropping to the floor.

According to his social media, Chris went to Lisle High School and also attended College of DuPage. He works at Suncoast Motorsports Porsche Audi Volkswagon as a Parts Manager. He previously served in the same role at Coast Volvo Infiniti.

He and wife Gail Gursky –formerly Bogacz –reside in North Port, Florida. Mrs. Gursky works at ‘Nunya Business Inc.’ For the record, Chris told reporters he is not mad at the pilot.

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