Chet Hanks’ Baby-mama Tiffany


Tiffany is the name of the young woman who gave birth to aspiring rapper, Chet Hanks’ child. Hanks, the hunky but troubled son of Hollywood stars, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, welcomed a baby girl with Tiffany earlier this year.

Tiffany’s baby daddy is widely known as the spawn of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples. In recent years, Chet has attempted to distance himself form his parents by trying to make it in the music world, where he is known by his rapping name, Chet Haze.

Chester Marlon Hanks was born August 4, 1990. His younger brother, Truman Theodore was born in 1995. They have a half brother, actor Colin, Hanks; and a half sister, Elizabeth Hanks –from their father’s first marriage to Samantha Lewes.

Chet studied theater and went on to obtained his degree in 2013 from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.


Chet had a minor role as a student in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He later was drawn to the music industry and released a rap single in 2011.

His first rap track was released in 2011, and was a remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” called “White & Purple.” It is in reference to his alma mater -Northwestern University’s school colors.

Chet’s private life has been widely publicized following his ongoing battle with substance abuse. He’s been in and out of rehab since he was a teen.

In January he announced he had been working with a drug counselor and that he had been sober for six months.


Following his sober confession, Chet seems to have had a pretty good year. He played Charlie in two episodes of Showtime’s Shameless. Back in May, Chet enjoyed a four-episode guest role gig as Trey in IFC’s Maron.

However, scandal is surrounding the actor/rapped after it was reported he got into a ‘drug-fueled one-night stand’ with Tiffany last year. According to In Touch, Tiffany gave birth to their baby daughter this April.

The single mom has full custody of their love child.

Recent reports say, Chet’s famous parents have fallen for the baby girl who’s name has yet to be released.

The grandparents are even helping out financially to raise Tiffany’s and Chet’s daughter.

Not much more is known about Chet’s baby mama.

He was reportedly in a relationship with Bella Cheveux. He was also romantically linked to “Love & Hip Hollywood” star Hazel E.

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