Chelsea Chapman Kirwan – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Mistress

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42-year-old Chelsea Chapman Kirwan the soon-to-be ex-wife of a plastic surgeon, has been exposed by her husband as the mistress of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Chelsea who is facing an ongoing divorce battle with Professor Laurence Kirwan has been accused of sustaining an extramarital affair with Kennedy. Think this little revelation could setback RFK Jr.’s upcoming wedding to actress Cheryl Hines?

As part of the ongoing court fight between Chelsea and her husband, the alleged relationship she had with RJK will reportedly be brought up next month on July 22, 2014, in Kirwan’s divorce battle.



A source close to the Chelsea’s hubby told Daily Mail that he was aware that his wife and RJK were friends and carried on phone calls before their split.

It is believed a friendship started well before the Kirwans separated on July 4, 2012 – and a source reveals how Chelsea’s cell phone records show she was speaking to RFK Jr five times a day in August 2012. The exact nature of Chelsea’s relationship with RFK Jr could well come out in court next month when Prof Kirwan will appeal to try and modify the protection order currently in place over his visitation rights with his three children with Chelsea.

Now, a predicament for the groom and bride to be since reports indicate Chelsea’s relationship with Kennedy happened while he also dated Hines.

There is also reports of Chelsea having her husband arrested. In August 2012, Chelsea Kirwan called the police and her husband was charged with third degree assault and disorderly conduct after an altercation at their home.

Sources on her behalf claims she was only infatuated with 60-year-old environmentalist, whom she allegedly met at the gym.

Before marrying Dr. Kirwan, Chapman Kirwan was one of his patients. According to his website, Dr. Kirwan, who is also a professor at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City, was born in Liverpool, England, and has been practicing medicine in United States since 1987.


Chapman Kirwan is mom to a 20-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and has three young children with the leading surgeon; including daughter Ophelia who has Down’s Syndrome.

According to a LinkedIn profile under her name, Chelsea worked at Kirwan Aesthestic Center in the New York city area.

According to her Facebook profile, she is originally from Port Neches, Texas but currently living in Greenwich, Connecticut. She attended NYU and works in sales at Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

You can check out her Facebook profile here.