Charles Carver SC Kala Brown’s Boyfriend

Charles Carver

Charles Carver is the man who’s body was found at the same property where his girlfriend, Kala Brown was found ‘chained like a dog’ last week.

Their disappearance has been a hot topic in the past few weeks as it has been discovered their captor is a serial killer and sex offender.

Brown was found on Thursday, chained in a storage container on property that belonged to 45-year-old Todd Kohlhepp. A body was also found in a shallow grave.

Just as out of a horror movie, she revealed to authorities, Kohlhepp murdered her boyfriend right in front of her eyes.

A coroner confirmed that Charles Carver died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Spartanburg County deputies were brought to Kohlhepp’s property by the last known cellphone signals of two missing people, Charles and Kala.

30-year-old Kala Brown disappeared in late August and remained chained in a container for two months.

Their kidnapper, Todd Kohlhepp is a criminal master mind who spent his 20’s in prison. Bad seed Kohlhepp began early and when he was a teen raped his 14-year-old neighbor. After his release, Kohlhepp made quite a comeback, he managed to get a private pilot license, build a real estate firm with more than a dozen agents and buy nearly 100 acres of land and put an $80,000 fence around it.

According to Kala Brown he killed at least four others. Police are still searching his property.


Charles Carver and Kala Brown went missing on august 31, after arriving at Kohlhepp’s nearly 100-acre property near Woodruff, South Carolina to work.

Carver was born Charles David Carver. In October family and friends thought his Facebook account had been hacked as they began to receive messages from him.

His mother, Joanne Shiflet told police the messages did not sound like her son. News outlets reported Carver was shot more than once in the upper extremities.

32-year-old Carver and girlfriend Kala lived together in Anderson. The couple moved in together after dating for a few months according to family and friends.

She was found by officers who entered Kohlhepp’s farmland with a warrant last Thursday.


Todd Kohlhepp has confessed to four murders committed in 2003. Currently the body count has gone up to at least seven. He is also facing kidnap charges for Kala Brown.