Charlene Rooney – Wife of Mickey Rooney´s stepson Mark Aber



Actress and painter, Charlene Rooney is the wife of 52-year-old Mark Rooney, punk and hard rock music scene vet also known as Mark Aber the son of Jan Rooney and stepson of the late, great Mickey Rooney.

In the heels of her father-in-law’s sudden, a strange twist in an ongoing family feud reveals online sources her husband, Mark Aber is being blamed by his older brother Christopher for the death of the 93-year-old movie icon.

The Mirror reports, the veteran star, who died on Sunday at 93 , was allegedly kept apart from wife Jan by his stepson Mark Aber.

And he died after choking on his food – not through natural causes, according to Mark’s elder brother Christopher. The bitter row came as it emerged the broke actor had to resort to selling signed photos to make ends meet.

Mark and Christopher are both sons of Rooney’s eight and last wife, Jan Chamberlain, 75, who became Ms. Rooney in 1978.

charlene-rooney-3Charlene’s husband appeared on numerous television episodes of “This is Your Life” as well as projects for the Hallmark Channel. He is a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer/producer. Having performed and recorded with such bands as The Dickies, Agression, Angry Samoans, L.A.s Wasted Youth, King M’butu featuring Philo Cramer (FEAR) on guitar and vocals, and Astral Body Flower featuring David Coleman (Prince) and Jonathan Melvoin (The Smashing Pumpkins and Prince); according to his IMDb bio.


She and Aber tied the knot in March of 2006. Charlene has worked in the film industry as well as studied acting under Herbert Berkoff and Uta Hagen in New York City. She is also an established artist. Her painting skills have come to the attention of the Hollywood community and lead to art exhibits in Los Angeles, New York and Palm Springs.


In 2012 she held a Silent Auction of Rooney Hollywood Memorabilia and the proceeds from that sale benefited the AIDS Assistance Program. She also showed several pieces of her art work.

The recent allegations blaming her husband for Rooney’s death come as a shock since the couple are both talented and successful professionals, earlier this year Charlene was the recipient of the Living Legacy Award presented by Bridget McDonald, PhD, president and executive director of the Women’s International Center.


The WIC’s mission is to acknowledge, honor, encourage and educate women, celebrating their accomplishments, lasting contributions and the gifts they have been given to improve our world.

Last year it was reported she and her husband were the main care givers of Mickey Rooney, they moved to the Hollywood Hills, in June of 2012, where they currently reside, according to IMDb.

There is no doubt Charlene was very close to her father-in-law; question is, are these allegations true?