Cecile Richard’s Husband Kirk Adams

Kirk Adams

Kirk Adams is the supportive husband of Cecile Richards –the president of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Kirk’s wife took over for her mother, the late Texas Gov. Ann Richards, in 2006 –and has since pioneered a company that has aborted 7,132,130 babies since Margaret Sanger’s founding of the abortion organization, the Daily Signal reports. The blonde recently announced she plans to step-down from her post.

Born July 15, 1957; the Texas native attended Brown University graduating in 1980 with a Bachelor’s degree in history.

Before joining Planned Parenthood, Ms. Richards served as deputy chief of staff for House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. In 2004, she founded and served as president of America Votes. She began her career organizing low-wage workers in the hotel, health care, and janitorial industries throughout California, Louisiana, and Texas. She’s also a board member of the Ford Foundation and a frequent speaker and commentator on issues related to women’s rights, reproductive health, and sex education.

She and Kirk Adams have been married for many years and together share three children.

Kirk Adams

The 68-year-old currently serves as Executive director at Healthcare Education Project –a lobbying organization run through an unlikely partnership between 1199 SEIU and the Greater New York Hospital Association.


Kirk Adams is a long-time organizer and political activist, he joined the Healthcare Education Project in 2015 after having served as the healthcare chief for the Service Employees International Union for years. He ranked No. 80 on Modern Healthcare’s 2015 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare.

During Adams’ tenure at SEIU, the organization embraced partnerships like the Healthcare Education Project and the Labor Management Partnership.

Mr. Adams began organizing workers with the United Labor Unions in 1980, which in 1984 affiliated with SEIU. According to Bloomberg, he left SEIU to run Ann Richards’ successful gubernatorial campaign and served as her political director until 1994. He returned to organizing for the union when Richards left office.

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