Carole Crist 10 Facts about Charlie Crist’s Wife

Carole Crist

Meet Carole Crist, at one point known as Carole Rome and born Carole Oumano. She is the second wife and soon to be ex-wife of Charlie Crist, former Florida Governor and current U.S Representative; who filed for divorce on February 24, 2017, after nearly nine years together.

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Both Carole and Charlie have been married, before and both have children from their first marriage, however, none born from their union.

Since you already know about Mr. Crist, there is no point telling what you already know, after all this is Carole Crist’s story, so check these interesting facts about her.

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  • She was born on October 20, 1969, in Roslyn, New York.
  • The youngest of the five children born to Robert and Margaret Oumano.
  • Her father Mr. Robert Oumano of the novelty company Franco-American Novelty Company, the company she ran after her father’s death in 2000 and that she later handed over to her sister.
  • Carole graduated from Roslyn High and holds a degree in accounting from Georgetown University.

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  • She married her first husband Todd Rome in 1993.
  • Mr. Rome is the president of Blue Star Jets.

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  • She gave birth to her first child; daughter Jessica in 1996 and Skylar in 1998.
  • She and Todd Rome separated in 2007, she took her daughters and eventually divorced.
  • Carole and Charlie Crist met thru mutual friends in September 2007, at an Italian restaurant in New York, a romantic place called Campagnola, on the Upper East Side. They sat next to each other.

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  • They tied the knot on December 12, 2008, at St. Petersburg’s First United Methodist Church