Carol Rahr- Billionaire Stewart Rahr’s Wife

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Pharmaceutical entrepreneur who build his company from scratch might have made a miscalculation after all. Being immerse in the business he knows perfectly well if you want something there is a price to get it. Now if what you want is to get a divorce and you happen to be loaded with money but! You never signed a prenup, well, sorry to say you might have to give a big chunk of your money away.

That is the case of lucky Carol K. Rahr, she was born October 24, 1947. The 65 year old who stood by Stewie for 43 years as he build his business from zero is now free. In December of last year, pharma kingpin Stewart Rahr and his wife Carol announced that they would be divorcing . Now she is getting a small fortune from the billionaire. To be exact; Carol’s ex-husband has agreed to pay her a whopping divorce settlement of $250 million!!

But that’s not all! As part of the divorce deal, Stewart, 67, will keep their $45 million Hamptons home — where he has thrown lavish charity bashes attended by the likes of Bill Clinton, Alicia Keys,Michael Milken, Mark Wahlberg and David Koch— while Carol gets their $30 million Trump Park Avenue apartment.

The ex-couple married in 1969 and have two two children, Robert 42 and Felicia 40. Felicia N Rahr was born November 22, 1972 and Robert July 15, 1970.

The 67 year old outspoken Kinray pharmaceuticals mogul and self-proclaimed “Number One King Of All Fun” Stewart Rahr, or Stewie Rah-Rah as he is known simply stated to friends:

“I just have so few sunrises left, and I want to be happy.”

I guess is true what they say, no matter if you are worth $1.6 billion the man hasn’t been happy all along!!? Is that what he is saying! What a blow to his wife.

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But let’s not worry about Carol, she is after all, getting did I mention $250 million?! She hired pit-bull attorney Robert Stephan Cohen to make sure she got some! She also occupies her time by designing jewelry for Beach to Ballroom, a company she co-owns with Orith Wadell.

Rahr has been busy giving much of his money away to charity. A source told us at the time of the divorce filing, “Carol fears Stewart is so out of control he could give away all his money, half of which is hers.” While the settlement is within the top 10 most expensive divorces in legal history, it still leaves Rahr on the billionaires’ list. And the greatest thing of it all is that the ex-couple remain good friends and continue to share an amicable relationship.

Well why wouldn’t with all that money!