Carlo “Karlo” Moya is Philippines Bride Neriza Fojas’ Husband

Neriza Fojas husband Carlo MoyaPin

Carlo Moya and his wife Neriza Fojas  got married last year in the United States, but they planned to fly on June 7th. to their native Philippines and had another wedding surrounded by their family on June 19, sadly that won’t be happening, Mr. Moya will indeed fly to the Philippines very soon not to get married but to deliver his beloved wife’ ashes to his in-laws Sonia and Carlito Fojas in Camiling in Tarlac province.

“Carlo is handling all arrangements. He is at his wits’ end because of the tragedy,”

31 year-old Neriza Fojas was riding with 8 of her dearest friends inside a limo as part of the celebration for her upcoming  Philippines wedding to her already hubby Carlo Moya, tragically Neriza and 4 of her friends identified as Michelle Estrera, Jenni Balon, Neriza Fojas, Felomina Geronga and Anna Alcantara were caught in a deadly fire inside that same limo over the weekend, Carlo who was staying at the hotel where his wife was suppose to celebrate their pre-nuptials party, never expected the horrible news he got that night.

Neriza’s husband a kind, hard working physical therapist who became her beloved husband last year during a civil ceremony in Las Vegas, Carlo and his beautiful wife were planning a religious wedding at a hilltop church in Manila.