Cara Blackstone Marine Brandon Blackstone’s Wife

Cara Blackstone

Cara Blackstone is the wife of impostor marine, Brandon Blackstone. For years her husband took as his own, a survival tale that belonged to another marine. Keep reading to know Cara Blackstone biography.

Cara Blackstone’s husband could spend serious time in prison after it was discovered, he had been lying about his Iraq war tale.

According to records, Brandon claimed he sustained traumatic brain, head, and leg injuries –after his Humvee drove over an active landmine during his service in the Iraq War.

Cara and her husband are shown in a video posted to YouTube, saying he was “100% disabled” from the Humvee blast and also added, ‘unemployable’.


As a result he got a sweet deal from the U.S. Veteran’s Association –that included a monthly check and a secured a mortgage-free home from charity in 2012.

His story reportedly came into question when Blackstone flashed a picture of the crumpled Humvee to a Marine that served alongside the real hero, Casey Owens.

Both Marines served in the same unit in Iraq. Blackstone left combat with a ruptured appendix and never returned to combat.

Following a Federal investigation, Brandon pleaded guilty to all of the charges. He admitted he never got the purple heart and also, to have falsifying records to receive disability checks for almost a decade. He forged witness statements from two Marines who he claimed that seen the explosion, according to federal court documents.

Accoridng to his LinkedIn, Brandon Blackstone graduated from Martin High School in 2000. He attended Tarrant County College majoring in Phycology.

Following his marine service, he is listed as having worked as a Certified Peer Counselor, mental health clinician and Certified Peer Specialist. He is also listed as the co-founder of ‘The Fight Continues’

According to his bio on The Fight Continues’ website, Blackstone’s unit was deployed to Husayba, Iraq, in August 2004. Several months later, his Humvee struck a double-stacked anti-tank mine, and he sustained extensive injuries.

Blackstone underwent several surgeries. He said he still suffers from seizures and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cara Blackstone was born Cara Williams. She and her husband are the parents of at least one daughter named, Ava Elise. The family is based in Texas.

You think Cara Blackstone also took part in her husband’s deceit?

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