Cameron Dolan – Dolan Twins’ Sister

Cameron Dolan

Cameron Dolan is the beautiful sister of Grayson and Ethan Dolan the hot Viners and Youtubers simply known as the Dolan Twins.

Cameron Dolan’s famous brothers Grayson and Ethan Dolan, 16, started making Vine videos in May, 2013, they became Vine rising stars in no time, with more than 5 million followers, the next step was conquering Youtube, so on March 9, 2014 they created their YouTube channel, less than a year later they had nearly 800,000 subscribers and more than 30 million views. It didn’t take long before Brian Robbins founder of YouTube multi channel network Awesomeness tv signed them in; their first video The Blender Challenge more than 2 million views in a month. Not bad for the Jersey Dolan twins.

But Ethan and Grayson are not the only hotties in the Dolan household. Their pretty sister Cameron is quite a stunner!

Cameron Dolan

18-year-old Cameron Dolan was born on July 27, 1997 in Long Valley, New Jersey, one of three children born to Lisa and Sean Dolan. Her younger brother Ethan and Grayson were born December 16, 1999.



Cameron graduated in 2015 from West Morris Central High School and is now a freshman pursuing a major in graphic design at Savannah College of Art and Design, where she is also a member of the Scad Bees lacrosse team. While at West Morris, Cameron Dolan received Morris County’s honorable mention and won her team’s most improved player award in 2014.

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