Caleb Walker- Paul Walker’s Brother

caleb cody and paul walker pic

We are still in shock over the untimely death of actor Paul Walker. How must his family feel?

For Caleb it must be especially hard. Just a little over a month ago, his beloved brother was the best man at his wedding to Stephanie Branch. It was a beautiful day at the Dove Canyon Country Club in southern California.

As Paul raised his glass to toast the bride and groom, no one there could imagine it would be the last family party where they would be all together.

These brothers were very close, as was the whole family. They were raised as Mormons, although Paul was not a practicing member.

For their parents, Cheryl Crabtree Walker and Paul Walker III, it’s a comfort to have their family gather together in this difficult moment.

Caleb, who is four years younger than older brother Paul resembled him a lot, with the same type of good looks.

In the coming weeks, family and friends are what’s going to help Caleb pull through. The pain of losing a loved one does not really go away completely, but life can become sweet again. We pray that this is so for Caleb.