Caleb Sharpe Freeman High School Shooter

Caleb Sharpe

Caleb Sharpe is the teen who has been named as the alleged shooter at Freeman High School –who wounded three and killed one student.

Multiple reports say the 15-year-old walked into his Rockford, WA high school on September 13th and opened fire on his classmates. His only fatal victim has been named as Sam Strahan –who bravely tried to take the arm from him but was shot in the head instead.

Sam has been described as one of his close friends. After killing his best friend, Sharpe fired more rounds down the hallway, striking the other students.

Caleb Sharpe was detained rather quickly after he first opened fire by a school staffer who stopping him from taking more lives. After his gun jammed, the school custodian ordered him to surrender and detain him until the police arrived.

Caleb Sharpe

He is currently in custody in Spokane County’s juvenile hall, and a motive isn’t yet known.

Details about him are still not clear but from his social media is safe to say he had an affinity for guns and had easy access to many of them. Caleb even showed his skill with guns in a number of YouTube videos in which he can be seen handling a variety of pistols and assault rifles. He can be found on YouTube as Mongo Walker.

Caleb Sharpe

Classmates of Caleb Sharpe have come forward with information about the teen, affirming they were scare of him because he had hinted about doing something dangerous days prior. Some students said he even sent videos of school shootings to his friends on snapchat.

They describe him as being ‘nice, funny and weird’ –and are sure he wasn’t the type to be bullied. Schoolmates also said he didn’t seem to have any issues.

The high school sophomore can be seen on his social media wearing the same makeup of Jared Leto as The Joker in The Suicide Squad. He even dyed his hair green to match the look. Friends say he was also a fan of the TV show Breaking Bad. He clearly had an admiration for fictional and violent characters.

The three wounded students were rushed to hospital and are expected to survive.