Caitlyn Rodriguez Mom with baby on high-speed chase

Caitlyn Rodriguez

Caitlyn Rodriguez is a Texas woman who engaged in a high speed chase, crashed her car and even attempted to carjack someone –all while bringing her own child on board.

Caitlyn is a 29-year-old woman who was caught on camera fleeing at high speed in Bexar County, Texas, last June –after cops tried to pull her over on outstanding warrants. Rodriguez instead zoomed 100 mph down Route 90 and then crashed into the back of a pickup truck.

While that happened, — a baby strapped in the back seat of her Mercedes SUV, was traveling with her. After the crash, she got out and picked up the baby, car seat and all, before fleeing on foot.

Rodriguez is then seen holding the car seat on one arm, after nearly dropping the child, Caitlyn Rodriguez then jumps into the front seat of a passing vehicle, which cops said she attempted to carjack.

Caitlyn Rodriguez

An officer then arrived and blocked her from escaping, drawing his gun on her while a second trooper went in and safely rescued the baby from the car. She was arrested and charged with evading arrest, possession of controlled substance and endangering a child.

The baby is currently in the care of Child Protective Services, reports ABC News.