Cailin Russo’s Boyfriend is Luke Davis

luke davis and cailin russo 2 pic

We’ve been hearing for a few days now about Justin’s hot new video and that hot kiss with model Cailin Russo.  But what does Cailin Russo have to say about it all? And more importantly what is her ‘famous surfer boyfriend Luke Davis’ take on the whole thing?

Cailin said, it was kind of weird because “I had never kissed anyone on set that passionately or that famous,” She added. “I wasn’t a super fan of his before I did this and I just kept thinking to myself that people would kill to do this.Kissing him was nice — I got butterflies and I do still to this day.”

Well, Luke is a champion surfer who was born at Capistrano Beach in January 23, 1993. He was reported to be  in Hawaii on holiday while all of this was going on and might have had a few sleepless nights, although we seriously doubt it.

These two beautiful people make one beautiful couple. What beautiful little surfers and models they could have!!!

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