Buzz Aldrin Wives & Children

Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin has some legacy as one of the two first humans –along with Neil Armstrong –to have set foot on the moon during Apollo II mission back in 1969.

Aldrin now 88, is said to be embroiled in a bitter family feud and most recently has even sued his own children. Born January 20, 1930; The NJ native, is a former astronaut and modular pilot who entered the Air Force after his graduation from West Point Military Academy where he flew 66 combat missions in Korea during the war. After the war he earned his PhD in Aeronautics and astronautics from MIT.

The Lunar pioneer and NASA icon is allegedly fighting his family for control of his space legacy. Aldrin who married a total of three times and is also the father of three adult children, has sued two of his kids to try and take control of his finances.

Find below the wives and children of the legendary astronaut.

#1 Joan Archer

Joan Archer

She and Aldrin were married for 20-years from 1954 until 1974. Joan Archer is also the mother of Buzz’s three children. She died aged 84 of natural causes in 2015. According to an obituary, her husband’s historic Apollo 11 mission with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins –she suddenly was thrown in the limelight and to a select club later known as the “The Astronaut Wives Club,” –which meant tea with Jackie Kennedy, high-society galas, and instant celebrity status.

Archer however felt alone most of the time and their marriage felt apart after two decades. She worked for decades as an administrator at ABC television in Los Angeles –spending her last years in a retirement home.

Archer was also a NJ native born on Dec. 5, 1930. She was the only child of oil executive Michael Archer and C. Evelyn Cleminshaw. She studied drama in college, earning a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University in 1951 and a master’s from Columbia University in 1953.

#2 Beverly Van Zile

Beverly Van Zile

Aldrin’s second marriage was a short one. He and Beverly Van Zile were hitched for three years from 1975 until 1978. The couple wed in Mexico and he credited her at the time with having provided him a ‘missing upbeat note’ to his future back then.

Beverly was born on November 11, 1930; the San Francisco native married a total of four times with Buzz being her second husband. She was also hitched to Dr. Albert J. Sheade, Calvin Arthur Van Zile and Milton Pastornak. Beverly Van Zile died in 2004.

#3 Lois Driggs Cannon

Lois Driggs Cannon

The pair had been together for 23 years – when their divorce was finalized in 2013. The couple tied the knot in 1988 but separated in 2011. At the time Lois blamed a younger gal, Michelle Sucillon, for their split.

Though she lost her husband telling she still loved him, she took –at least-half of his fortune. Lois was reportedly granted 50 per cent of Buzz’s £300,000 bank balance as well as half the profits from his businesses, a monthly allowance of £5,900 and 30 per cent of his annual income, estimated at £370,000.


#1 James Michael Aldrin

James Michael Aldrin

James Aldrin was born to Buzz’s first wife, Joan Archer. He is the oldest son of the couple and is currently based in Hawaii. James studied Psychology at UC Santa Cruz and is a retired flight attendant for Delta Airlines.

#2 Janice Ross Aldrin

Janice Ross Aldrin

Janice was also born to Buzz’s first wife, Joan. She is his only daughter. Jan Aldrin is an Account Executive at Bruce Hanifan Productions in Ventura, CA. She has worked with many television networks including DISCOVERY CHANNEL, HISTORY and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL, as well as, large and small production companies at all levels in the entertainment industry, providing support for BHP’s music scoring services. Aldrin’s specialty is in all aspects of administrative support and promotional development for the business of film and TV music production. She is on the board of the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute and is currently married to Bruce Hanifan.

#3 Andrew John Aldrin

Andrew John Aldrin

Andrew is the second son and third child born to Buzz and first wife Joan Archer. Dr. Andrew Aldrin serves as the President of the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute (BASI) and is an Associate Professor at Florida Institute of Technology.

Before ULA, Dr. Aldrin headed Business Development and Advanced Programs for Boeing’s NASA Systems, and Launch Services business units. Dr. Aldrin holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA, an MBA from TRIUM, a MA in Science Technology and Public Policy from The George Washington University, and a MA in International Relations from the University of California at Santa Barbara.