Brian Dunkleman’s Wife Kalea Dunkleman

Kalea Dunkleman

Kalea Dunkleman is the son-to-be exwife of former TV host turned Uber driver, Brian Dunkleman.

Kalea’s husband Brian Dunkleman, is an actor and comedian best known for co-hosting season 1 of American Idol, next to Ryan Seacrest.

Born September 25, 1971; the New York native began doing stand-up in an effort to get his parents attention, growing up in a household with nine other children can do that to you. According to his IMDb page, he won the “Buffalo’s Funniest New Comedian Contest” in 1992.

As a comedian he performed at HBO’s US comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, on the Tonight Show, NBC’s Late Friday, and TBS’s Very Funny at the Laugh Factory. In addition to comedy, he also appeared in numerous TV shows, including Friends and That 70’s Show. Last year, he grabbed headlines after he tweeted in response of Ryan Seacrest’s sexual misconduct allegations and even a campaign to ‘ditch Ryan and bring back Dunkleman’ began.

Kalea Dunkleman

However, according to recent reports, the 47-year-old has changed his profession to Uber driver –that according to divorce docs he submitted saying he began his current job in 2016.

In 2007 he tied the knot to wife, Kalea, the couple honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas. Together they share one child, son Jackson. Brian and Kalea are currently in the middle of a custody battle for their five-year-old son. In the docs, Brian accuses his baby mama of being an ‘out of control alcoholic’ –while Kalea, accuses Brian of being physically abusive toward her.

Kalea Dunkleman was born Kalea Nassif on November 6, 1978. The former spouse and mother of one currently resides in Los Angeles. According to her social media she is originally from Pasadena, California and serves as Vice President at The Door | an idea house.

She previously worked for Los Angeles based Marketing Agency, Wagstaff Worldwide, Inc.