Brett Kavanaugh’s New Accuser Julie Swetnick

Julie Swetnick

Julie Swetnick is the latest woman to come forward in accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

Mrs. Swetnick who is being represented by lawyer Michael Avenatti, decided to speak out against Kavanaugh on a disturbing incident that went down decades ago. Julie Swetnick who is a Washington resident, released an affidavit through her lawyer where it says she was Kavanaugh’s rape victim years ago –demanding an immediate FBI investigation into the allegations.

Along with Kavanaugh, she is accusing another man and former classmate named, Mark Judge. She alleges that back in 1982, she witnessed how Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge along with others, caused girls to become drunk and disoriented so a ‘train’ of guys could gang raped them. Julie says she was one of their victims. Julie Swetnick revealed she was at a party where she was incapacitated without her consent due to a drug that was placed in her drink at the time. She says she was unable to fight the boys raping her and says Kavanaugh and Judge were among them.

55-year-old Swetnick who previously lived in Maryland graduated from Gaithersburg High School. She went onto attend Montgomery College and the University of Maryland.

Julie Swetnick

She happens to have worked for the government. She used to be employed at the U.S. Mint and at the Department of Homeland Security –where she served as a senior web production manager from 2006 until 2009. She previously served as a senior production webmaster for the U.S. State Department and in the same role for the Department of Justice.

According to her LinkedIn, she is currently listed as working for a private insurance firm.

Swetnick is the third woman to publicly accuse Kavanaugh –of what reps are describing as a ‘culture of assault and predatory behavior’ for Pres. Donald Trump’s pick for the high court. First it was Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who accused Kavanaugh of attempted rape while the two were high school students. Second, it was Deborah Ramirez who was Kavanaugh’s Yale classmate and said he exposed himself to her.