Brad Holmes & Jenny Davies in Worst Prank Ever

Meet Brad Holmes & Jenny Davies

Brad Holmes & Jenny Davies are an English couple who recently are making the rounds on the internet. Millions around the world celebrated Valentines Day over the weekend, and that includes Brad Holmes & Jenny Davies.

For some, the unconventional way in which Holmes decided to treat his girl, was just rude and unnecessary, for others, it was hilarious. You be the judge.

Brad Holmes decided to play a joke on his special lady and film himself allegedly proposing to his girlfriend of about a year. Many who’ve seen the footage, were stunned to find out, a kneeling Brad is actually proposing Jenny Davies to make him a cup of tea!

Needless to say, Jenny herself was shocked and pissed  at his prank.

After he leads her to believe he is popping the big question, an schemed Jenny Davies can be heard insulting him and leaving the room, and also tossing the fake ring box to the floor.


Accoridng to a social media profile, Brad Holmes & Jenny Davies have been boyfriend and girlfriend since 2015. Brad Holmes is originally from Southampton but resides in Eastleigh, UK.

He attended Hamble Community Sports College from 2005 to 2007 in Southampton. He works as a window cleaner.

24-year-old Brad can be seen taking out a white box from his pocket right after he has said to Jenny how happy she makes him.


According to Jenny Davies Facebook page, she worked as a customer advisor at SSE in 2014. The lovely blonde, overcome with emotion, asks Brad what is he doing as she realizes he might be popping the question.

Right at the moment of opening the mysterious box, he utters, ‘Will you make me a cup of tea?’

Brad Holmes & Jenny Davies previously debuted online weeks ago, when Brad posted a video of Jenny while he asked her random question, making the 22-year-old gal, look clueless.


For those (girls) currently hating on Brad Holmes, he did posted an adorable photo of the couple (above) and captioned the romantic image: “Happy Valentine’s princess. You are truly the love of my life. Best girl I have met or ever will meet. I love you”

Brad also got his cup of tea. He told FEMAIL, that after he showed Jenny the video and she saw the funny side of it, she forgave him and made him the original request. She also revealed she genuinely believed him because Brad had told her he would propose this year.  Jenny added, she was actually relieved it didn’t happen when she was wearing her pajamas. It appears it’s a happy ending for these two love birds after all.

the footage been seen more than seven million times. Will Brad Holmes & Jenny Davies let us know when he proposes for real?