Bob Carter 10 Facts about Nick Carter’s Father

Bob Carter

Bob Carter, who fathered not one but two pop artist sons in Nick and younger brother Aaron Carter –has passed aged 65.

The news comes as a shocking blow for the Carter family as they await for an official cause of death of the elder Carter. Lear more about him in his 10-facts below.


1. He was 65-years-old at the time of his death.

Robert Gene Carter was born September 23rd in New York. An official cause of death is yet to be revealed.


2. He fathered five children with wife Jane Elizabeth Spaulding but had a total of seven children.

Robert ‘Bob’ Carter is survived by his five children, sons Nick and Aaron and daughters, Bobbie Jean, Leslie and Angel –who is Aaron’s twin sister.

Bob Carter is also father to daughter Ginger Carter-Daniels and son Kaden, from two different relationships.


3. Bob’s two sons became teen idols in the 90’s.

Bob’s first son, Nick Carter, became a teen idol in the 90’s. All through the late 90’s and early 2000’s Nick Carter was a member of one of the hottest boy bands, the Backstreet Boys.

While Nick dominated the charts with the band, Aaron Carter also emerged as a hip-hop artist in the the late 90’s.


4. Two of his daughter’s were also in the business.

Bob’s daughter Leslie, born in 1986 also became a pop singer while daughter, Angel is a fashion model.


5. Bob Carter outlived one of his daughters.

Daughter Leslie Barbara Carter (b. 1986) who was also a singer, tragically died of an overdose aged 25 in 2012. She was found unresponsive at her father’s home in New York.


6. He was married a total of three times.

From his first marriage Bob Carter fathered daughter Ginger Carter-Daniels born in 1972. He went onto have five children with second wife, Jane Elizabeth Spaulding and from whom he divorced in 2003.

In 2004 he married wife number three, Ginger R. Elrod –with whom he fathered child number seven, son Kaden, born in 2005.


7. He used to own a bar.

While living in New York, where son Nick was born in 1980 –Bob and then wife Jane operated a bar called the Yankee Rebel. When the family moved to Florida, the couple managed the Garden Villa Retirement Home.


8. He later starred in reality TV

Bob previously starred in the family’s reality show, House of Carters, in 2006.


9. Bob Carter kept a rocky relationship with son, Nick.

Nick has been estranged from both of his parents Bob and Jane after long-standing family friction and revealed in 2015, ‘I haven’t seen them in maybe seven or eight years.’


10. He became a grandfather

Bob Carter had at least two grandchildren, Alyssa Jane Ashton born in 2011 to Leslie Carter; and Odin Reign Carter, born in 2016 to Nick and wife, Lauren Kitt.


We send our condolences to the Carter family.