Bob Beckel Ex-Wife Leland Beckel

Leland Beckel

Leland Beckel is the former wife of political analyst, Bob Beckel –best know for his long time gig at Fox’s ‘The Five.’

Leland Beckel might not be Bob’s wife anymore but she still could provide some kind of support for the former political operative who is clearly not in his best days.

Accoridng to reports, her 68-year-old former hubby lost it after he allegedly made a racist remark against another Fox News employee. As a result, Beckel –who is also a columnist for USA Today –was fired form the Network. Ouch!

Robert Gilliland Beckel was born November 15, 1948 in New York city.

He holds a B.A. from Wagner College and became the youngest deputy assistant secretary of state for the Carter administration.

Beckel rejoined Fox earlier this year after a stint at CNN. He originally joined Fox News in 2000 and served as a host on “The Five” for years as one of original members of the long-running show, which consists of a panel discussing current events.

From 2005 to 2015, he has been the columnist for USA Today with his friend and political counterpart, Cal Thomas. He has also published a memoir called ‘I Should Be Dead: My Life Surviving Politics, TV, and Addiction’ co-written with John David Mann. The memoir explains his struggle in different aspects of his life.


Leland Beckel is the former Leland Ingham. She and Bob were married in 1992 but unfortunately they went onto get a divorce 10 years and two kids later. They were officially divorced in 2002.

Leland Beckel is the mother of the couple’s two children: daughter MacKenzie and son, Alex Beckel who was born in 1993.



The two met in 1990 on a golf course. At the time Leland turned out to be a Georgetown University golf coach who kicked his but during a game.

According to a 2001 Maryland Gazette profile of Leland, she was going to be a tennis player, but broke her wrist at age 14. While that ended her pro tennis dreams, she did play basketball, field hockey and lacrosse while in high school. A year after the injury, her grandmother introduced her to golf, which changed her life. She began to focus on the sport.

In 1983, she competed in the Mid-Atlantic Golf Association junior girls tournament and continued playing in college. she graduated from the University of Virginia in 1988 and turned pro in spring 1990. She competed on the Futures Tour, a step below the LPGA.

In the mid-1990s, she played as an amateur. In 1998, she played in the U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship and was runner-up in the 1999 U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship.

As a coach for Georgetown, she was named Big East Coach of the Year in 2003. Both of her children have shown an interest for golf. She resigned from the coaching position in 2005.
Just in case you’re wondering the reason of their split, Bob Beckel confessed to a past cocaine addiction on a 2011 episode of The Five. He came forward saying cocaine as the drug of choice. On his memoir he has expressed his regrets about not being able to sustain his family and professional life.

Leland Beckel is now Leland Keyser and has married for the second time; to John Keyser.