Bill Shine’s Wife Darla Shine


Darla Shine

Darla Shine is the lovely wife of former TV executive, Bill Shine. The two have been married for years and share two children together.


Her hubby is the same guy who was accused of turning a blind eye to the newsroom’s culture of harassment, after he received major criticism over his handling of sexual harassment claims against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and star host Bill O’Reilly.

Shine eventually had to step down as the co-president of Fox News back in May.


Raised on Long Island, N.Y., the son of a New York City police officer, Bill Shine embarked on a job hunt after graduating from college in 1985, armed only with a communications degree from SUNY Oswego. Rejected from a low-level job at WLIG(TV), the only commercial station on Long Island, he wondered, “What if I start working for free?”

That philosophy landed him a job as a production assistant on the independent station’s magazine show and, eventually, a salary. Within a year, Shine was directing WLIG’s 10 p.m. newscast.


By 1995, cable TV came calling.Shine started at Fox News in 1996 as the producer of Hannity & Colmes, Fox News’ first primetime talk show at the time. Three years after that, he was the Fox News executive producer for primetime. He ventured away from the broadcasting portion of Fox News for a short while when he was the executive producer of an investigative news magazine for Fox News, The Pulse, from 2001 to 2003.

He was promoted a number of times before being named the senior executive vice president of programming in 2014.

darla shine

Darla Shine is a former TV producer, being in the same industry is how she met and eventually married hubby, Bill Shine. The lovely blonde is also an author and since her marriage has been a dedicated wife and mother.

Darla and her hubby are the proud parents of a son, Connor and daughter, Hannah


She describes herself on social media as “Proud to be a happy housewife. Author, Happy Housewives.”


Darla Shine also has her own website called, “Darla Shine’s Happy Housewives Club” –where she shares her experiences as a proud mother and housewife.

Darla speaks very bluntly about not wanting to be a housewife, she writes she specifically chose to go to school and have a big career so she wouldn’t end up living a mundane life, like her mother did. However, her outlook in life changed after she became a mother.

Prior to running her own blog and eventually developing a series of books published in 2009 –on how to be a happy housewife, Darla went to college, grad school and worked as a reporter and producer.

But after the success of her book and helping women ‘to realize they can accomplish any thing right from their home’ Darla eventually created a community for housewives. She essentially helps homemakers with everything from budgeting, cooking, parenting, to spicing up the marriage.

According to her page, every day SAHMS, stay at home moms, from all around the world swap recipes and advice in her forums.

Darla also records a podcast that’s available to listen to online.



You can find Darla Shine on Twitter here.