Betty Batziana – PM Alexis Tsipras’s Girlfriend

Meet Betty Batziana

Betty Batziana is the partner of 41-year-old Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras. Reports say her man is stepping down quitting his position and is calling for an early election.

Tsipras, who was only elected in January –will lead his leftist Syriza party into the polls announcing today he would seek the Greek people’s approval to continue his government’s programme.

Alexis Tsipras, has been the leader of the left-wing Syriza party since 2009.

Betty Batziana was born in 1974 in Karditsa, Greece. She is a Computer Engineer and they are not officially married according Wikipedia. She is described as his partner of more than 20-years.

Betty and Alexis have known each other since they were teens in high school. At age 13 in 1987 they both attended the Ampelokipoi Branch high school.

They are both members of the Communist Youth of Greece and she is the mother of the couple’s two children.


Betty first gave birth to son Phoebus Tsipras who was joined later by younger borther, Orpheus Ernesto Tsipras. They named him Ernesto as a tribute to Che Guevara.

According to an article from the Daily Mail, it was Betty who encouraged Alexis to enter politics when he was apparently more into sport.
The family has stayed out of the spotlight, but many think it’s Betty the passionate radical, while her hubby was born into a bourgeois family and had a middle-class background.

During their younger years in the Communist Youth of Greece they led protests at the Ampelokipoi Branch High School. Batziana was described by a college friend, as strong-willed, militant and dynamic. The prove is, she once took one of her professors to court when he tried undermine her work on a doctoral thesis, it was reported by the Greek Reporter.

When it comes to spending, you wont find her in at a designer’s store, hates spending hours shopping and doesn’t like going for regular trips to the hairdresser.

Before moving to the Maximos Mansion earlier this year, they lived in a flat in a seven-storey apartment building.