Betsy DeVos’s Husband Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is the longtime husband of Betsy DeVos’ –who serves as the current United States Secretary of Education.

Dick’s wife was confirmed as the U.S Secretary of Education in February 2017 following a controversial nomination. Many thought Betsy was hardly qualified for the job with sources citing her lack of experience working in a school environment.

The billionaire blonde was born Elisabeth Dee Prince on January 8, 1958. She is the daughter of the late Edgar Prince, a wealthy industrialist, sister of Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater USA.

The Michigan native previously served as chair of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996 to 2000, with reelection to the post in 2003. DeVos’ work experience has revolved around philanthropy and political advocacy, though much of that pertained to educational issues.

She graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and political science.

Along with her husband, she co-owns the Windquest Group, a technology investment firm.

Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has his own source of wealth. As you may know he is an heir to the Amway Empire. He was born Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. on October 21, 1955. He is the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. The fortune of his father is valued at about $6 billion.

DeVos began work in the Amway Corporation in 1974, holding positions of various levels of responsibility in many of the company’s operating departments. In 1984, he was promoted to vice president of the company’s operations in 18 countries. Five years later, he left the firm to start a new business venture, The Windquest Group, a company involved in the manufacture and marketing of storage and closet organizers.

In the early 90’s the DeVos family acquired the Orlando Magic Basketball franchise and Dick was appointed by his father to manage it. In 1993 he succeeded his father as the president of the Amway Corporation. In 2002, Dick DeVos retired as president of Alticor to devote full time to his private venture, the Windquest Group, as its president, and to political causes.

Four years later he ran for governor in the state of Michigan on the Republican ticket and lost. Dick and Elizabeth DeVos have four children, named Rick, Elissa, Andrea and Ryan.