Becky Johns Gives birth to 4 Babies in 11 Months

Becky Johns

Becky Johns became the proud mother of four kids in just less than a year!  How you ask? Well, its possible and we have the answer for you.

The 30-year-old Swansea based woman first gave birth to a daughter but just weeks later she became pregnant with triplets.

Becky Johns, now also known as ‘miracle mom’ thought the would give a little brother or sister to her daughter Mya, but she actually gave her three at once.

The triplets, Ryan, Raya and Phoebe arrived in January 2016, just 11 months after Becky Johns had given birth to Mya. She and her partner, Jason Evans are also the parents to nine-year-old daughter Kayla, totaling five kids for the couple.

The young mom revealed to outlets it was a shock to discover she was pregnant with not one baby but with three, she said

‘It does seem hard to believe, and it was such a shock when I discovered I was having triplets.

‘We had only been trying to conceive for a week when I fell pregnant. It all happened so quickly.’

Becky and Jason welcomed daughter Mya in February 2015 and the mum thought it would be a good idea to give Mya some company since first born Kayla is older.


She and her partner thought it could take a while for them to conceive again but they were wrong. Becky became pregnant right away, with three babies.

Becky admits she worried on the fact she had to cope with two little ones growing up but she was confident she could do it. Then a scan showed three heartbeats. The good news was that the doctors told her the babies had a placenta each, which as she was explained, it is the healthiest way to have triplets.

The triplets were delivered by caesarian at the end of January when Miss John’s was 34 weeks pregnant. They were all healthy weights and were allowed to go home in March.

Becky says her oldest, Kayla is thrilled with the triplets and she thinks is wonderful Mya and the triplets will grow close in age, though she adds it is a little crowded at home.

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