Ayissha Morgan Catfish Nev Schulman’s Accuser

Ayissha Morgan

Ayissha Morgan is the woman who made serious accusations against TV host and producer, Nev Schulman.

According to Morgan, Nev repeatedly questioned her sexuality and alluded that she should have sex with him. The accusations stemmed from her own apparition on Nev’s MTV show, Catfish.

Morgan made her appearance on the show back in 2015, during the show’s fourth season. However she recently made a YouTube video to point her finger on Nev referring to him as the “main person” on Catfish, and claiming his alleged sexual misconduct.

20-year-old Morgan posted two videos last May in which she also accused an unnamed female production assistant of sexual abuse. Ayissha claims the assistant got her drunk and she woke up to find her on top of her. During the videos she never reveals the identity of her aggressors however makes it very clear who she’s talking about at least in Nev’s case.

Ayissha Morgan

Nev who is a married man, was quick to deny the ‘behavior’ described by Morgan and said he had a number of colleagues who were willing to testify.

As a result of her accusations, MTV announced the show had been temporarily suspended. An investigation was launched but recent updates say Nev and his team will resume filming as a ‘third party investigator found the allegations made in the YouTube videos to be not credible and without merit.’

Morgan who is gay and is currently happily married, also wrote on Facebook this January talking about how the sexual abuse she suffered on the show sent her into depression. She also writes about being in a better place and offers her support to people who may be going through something similar.

The former Catfish guest got hitched to Ashley Morgan in 2017. Ayissha owns a lash business and is also a manager at PacSun; while her wife, is a gym owner. Ashley Morgan owns a personal training business and studied nutrition at Cal Poly Pomona.