Aurelie Wynn Ed WestWick’s Second Rape Accuser

Aurelie Wynn

Aurelie Wynn is the very lovely brunette who has come forward accusing Gossip Girl star, Ed Westwick of sexual assault.

Aurelie Wynn becomes the second woman to speak up about the alleged abuse after Kristina Cohen accused Westwick –best known for playing Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl –of raping her three years ago.

According to a Facebook post, Aurelie Wynn, claimed she visited a house where Westwick was staying in 2014 with friends and a former boyfriend. She alleges she was raped but was advised by friends not to say anything at the time.

Now you might be wondering, just who is Aurelie Wynn, below the answer.

Aurelie Wynn

According to the Daily Mail, Miss Wynn is a former actress and model. She went by the stage name, Aurelie Marie Cao. She is a Boston native who is currently based in Los Angeles.

You might remember her from her appearances in an episode of the Mindy Project and AsianBoston. On social media she describes herself as an actress, model and brand ambassador.

Continuing with her rape story, Aurelie says she ended up at Ed’s house after she was invited by a friend. She and her then boyfriend Glee star Mark Salling, arrived together but when she told him what had happened Salling allegedly blamed her for it and broke up with her.

Wynn then had another friend to get her an Uber so she could leave the house while Westwick was passed out. Wynn wrote on Facebook:

“I said no and he pushed me face down and was powerless under his weight. I was wearing a one piece bathing suit that he ripped, I was in complete shock, I am also very tiny.

“When it was over I got my cellphone and found that the girl that had invited me had left or got kicked out. I had terrible service in the estate without access to the wifi and had to get another friend to get me an Uber out of there while Ed was passed out.”

Aurelie who thanked Kristina Cohen for coming forward with her story – states on Twitter she is an “actress, model and animal activist, environmentalist.”

Ed who is in a happy relationship with model, Jessica Serfaty –has denied the accusations.

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