Ashley Luebke Real Estate Agent on The Bachelor 22

Ashley Luebke

Ashley Luebke is one of the women on the current season of the Bachelor, starring Arie Luyendyk Jr. as the man to get.

Ashley has remain quiet so far but has managed to get the roses necessary to appear in tonight’s episode four, of the hits series. Get to know her up close.

Miss Luebke is 25-years-old and hails from West Palm Beach, Florida. The brunette beauty is 5’7” has no tattoos and hates doing the laundry. According to her ABC bio, she says Brad Pitt is her favorite actor and would likely go on a rooftop dinner overlooking an amazing view. She also shared that New York is the most romantic city, because it’s where her parents met.

Not much is revealed on Ashley who is also a real estate agent, aside that she could not live without her ‘family, friends, Spotify, hair straightener and cute clothes.’

Ashley Luebke

Doing some research, we found that Luebke is a Real Estate Agent at Illustrated Properties Real Estate. According to her social media, she attended Dreyfoos School of the Arts graduating in 2010. She then enrolled at Gulf Coast University (FGCU) –where she graduated with a B.S. in Business Management in the class of 2014.

Like any gal from West Palm Beach, Ashley Luebke loves the ocean and often throws on a bikini to hang out with her girlfriends. There is no trace of any past relationships on her social media, so Ashely seems to be ready to find true love.

Though she has yet to have real quality time with Arie, Ashely has kept the bachelor interested enough during a couple of group dates. However we don’t think she’ll make it pass tonight, we honestly don’t see them together and she just seems to be too quiet for Arie’s personality.


Find the lovely Ashley Luebke on Instagram here, Twitter here.