Ashley Crossan ET Host in Morgan Freeman Interview

Ashley Crossan

Ashley Crossan is a lovely journalist who works for ET and who is grabbing headlines after an article named her as one of the women who had experienced improper behavior at the hands of veteran Hollywood star, Morgan Freeman.

CNN published accusations by eight women who said Freeman had harassed them or otherwise behaved inappropriately. ET found the clips and according to Business Insider, one of them shows Freeman asking reporter Ashley Crossan whether she would “fool around with older guys.”

Freeman has since issued an apology to ‘anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected.”

Crossan, a Delaware native has been quiet about the incident though she happens to be pretty active on social media. The pretty video producer and host graduated from Alexis I. DuPont High School in 2007. According to her LinkedIn, she holds a Bachelor of Science, communications; Broadcast Journalism; Spanish –from East Carolina University. She began working for Entertainment Tonight as a production assistant back in 2012.

Ashley Crossan

She was subsequently named Assistant Producer and Associate producer. On social media the brunette describes herself as “Instagram Model. Influencer. Mogul. Porg Queen.”

The incident with Freeman took place while she was on reporting duty for ET back in 2016. She was interviewing Freeman who was at the time promoting “London Has Fallen.”

Their exchange begins with Freeman asking right away: My goodness, are you married? To which she replie: No. He then says, fool around with older guys? But Crossan doesn’t really give an answer and instead laughs nervously.

When the interview wraps up, they shake hands and Crossan tells him it was a pleasure, to which he says, “Mine. Look at yourself,” and watches her from behind as she walks off.

You can find her on Instagram here.