Ashley Bemis Faked Firefighter husband Existence to get Donations

Ashley Bemis

Don’t let that smile fool you! Ashley Bemis is apparently a professional scammer who according to authorities collected over 10k from good Samaritans.

The California woman is said to have set up a fake online account in order to ask strangers for money. Bemis like millions of people set up a page, in which she fabricated a bogus story about her bogus husband and his fire fighter crew needing supplies and money.

The fundraiser for her fake firefighter husband alleged the funds would help firefighters during the recent Holy fire.

According to authorities, the 28-year-old blonde collected cash and hundreds of items — such as food, clothing and blankets.

Ashley Bemis of San Clemente, who faked being married to a Cal Fire firefighter named Shane Goodman –wrote “Shane works for Cal Fire and is out on the Holy Fire right now,” she wrote in the post that has since been deleted. “I also have two other family members and many friends out on this fire and other fires burning here in California. I received a text today from Shane saying it’s pretty much a living hell out there battling the unpredictable ‘Holy Hell Fire.’

Ashley Bemis

Her scheme was uncovered after victims began complaining on Facebook. Detectives determined no firefighter exists by the name of Shane Goodman. Furthermore, Bemis isn’t married and doesn’t have any children, investigators said.

But according to authorities, this isn’t the first time Ashley Bemis pulls off a scheme. In fact, she has a history of making up stories to get money and gifts for free! Sources close to Bemis say she faked a pregnancy back in 2012 in order for friends to threw her a baby shower and get gifts to later sell them. Also in 2011, she was hired to babysit a boy but a months later the boy’s mother discovered photos of her son dressed as a girl and Bemis claiming to be her daughter ‘Cheyanne.’

Bemis has not been charged and is currently cooperating with the investigation.