Are Bats to Blame for Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has us mortals thinking about how valuable and vulnerable life really is, something we tend to forget, because well sometimes we downright think we are god.

However when you’ve spent a few days in quarantine away from loved ones and the wine, food, toilet paper but specially wine, is running out, you start wondering; how? where? why? did this deadly virus come from!
For some is a question about politics but for others, its a question for scientists and according to the latter, there’s still not enough evidence to completely put the blame on bats. Reports say viruses that are extremely similar to the one that causes Covid-19 have been seen in Chinese horseshoe bats. But, there’s still the question as to how the coronavirus pandemic spread to humans and subsequently to the whole globe.

According to a CNN report, the only way scientist can prove the virus’ source is if they isolate a live virus in a suspected species, not an easy task.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Since Bats have the ability to fly, and are by the way the only mammal that can, this means that they can harbor a large number of pathogens, or diseases -which is bad for humans. However, it’s also important to note that Bats form their communities -which are large -away from humans.
This leads to believe that us are really to blame; destruction of natural habitats and other human factors has enabled diseases that were once locked away in nature to cross into people fast.

Initial reports suggest that bats in Wuhan, China -the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, are held captive together and sold as delicacies or pets, this becomes a terrifying mix of viruses and species likely to occur. This way bats are able to shed the virus and of course viruses that caused the current coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of the day, the coronavirus’s conspiracies will surely make their way to the big screen, but until then scientists are still unsure where the virus originated and how on earth it transferred to humans.