April Sims- Dallas 911 Operator


April Sims


911 operator April Sims, from Dallas, Texas, was fired after allegedly posting racist remarks on her Facebook page. She compared African – Americans to “animals” and said they have “sh** for brains”, blaming them for wasting time calling 911.

“Black people are outrageous! They are more like animals, they never know how to act, just loud [expletive] Always causing problems,” stated one of her many Facebook messages.

“I can count on one hand the black people I know who don’t have [expletive] for brains. I can count on one hand the black people I know who aren’t selfish,” one post stated.

The Dallas Police Department announced it had fired 23-year-old April Sims for violating its social media policy which prohibits employees from ‘posting items or information that may adversely affect the morale, confidence, and public respect of the department’.

April Sims was hired by the Department last year.

“I’m a very easygoing person and I will give the shirt off my back to help others,” Sims wrote in another message, “but when call after call are black people fighting and screaming and hitting each other and they want to yell at me and treat me like [expletive] when I’m trying to help, is not cool.”

Reportedly, Sims contacted a News8 reporter to say that nothing on her page has been deleted and she stands by every word.

Her Facebook page still states that she works as a ‘911 CALLTAKER at Dallas Police Department’.

“You want to call 911 cause your boyfriend put his hands on you and you want to press charges when you don’t even know his real name?!” Another said: “Sure let’s make a police report for Dino, that is his street name.”