Apple Jony Ive’s Wife Heather Pegg Ive

 Heather Pegg Ive

Meet Heather Peg Ive; she is the wife of Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Chief Design officer known as Jony Ive is, in addition, the British industrial designer and Chancellor of the Royal College of Art.

Heather’s husband Jony Ive joined Apple in the early 90’s; initially, he was a consultant for Apple’s Chief of Industrial Design; became a full-time employee in 1992. Ive became Senior vice president of industrial design in 1997. Apple announced they named him their leader of industrial design in October 2012.

Prior to Apple, Jony worked for Tangerine, the London startup design agency located in Hoxton Square, where Apple was a client.

Heather Pegg Ive

Furthermore, Jony’s talented wife Heather Pegg Ive is a renown historian and writer from the UK; Mrs. Ive the daughter of local school inspector met her husband at school, she was one year below him at Walton; they got married in August 1987, in Stafford.

In conclusion, Jony and Heather live in California with their twin sons; Harry and Charlie.