Angus Mitchell’s Wife Michelle Raab

Michelle Raab

Michelle Raab was once married to Angus Mitchell –best known for being the only child of Paul Mitchell, the Scottish hairstylist.

Michelle’s once husband is currently being accused of sexual misconduct. In a lawsuit, a former project manager for the famous hair care company claims she felt pressure to get into a sexual relationship with him while he was still married. Essentially she says she had to take ecstasy and engaged in sex in order to keep her job.

Angus Mitchell is the heir to the Paul Mitchell hair care fortune. He currently serves as Artistic Director of the Paul Mitchell Schools and is also as co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems.

The allegations against the 47-year-old may not be far from the truth, back in 2015, outlets reported his bitter divorce from model wife, Sian Morgan who put up with for only nine-months. At the time she described him as ‘a drunk who cannot be trusted with a young child and threatened her so badly that she had to hire a security detail.’ Angus has made two trips to rehab.

The couple share three-year-old son, Dylan. But prior to Sian Mitchell, he was married to first wife, Michelle Raab and obviously that didn’t end up well either.

Michelle Raab

Michelle Raab is a Trinidadian who divorced Mitchell after three years of marriage. The two were married in July 2010 –according to their wedding announcement on the NY Times. She was 41-years-old at the time of their nuptials.

Michelle Raab

Raab arrived in Sand Diego at age 11, with her mother and as an adult became involved in the hair-care industry. When she and Angus first met, Michelle Raab worked on the business side of the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, Calif. She eventually became the director of business development at the academy. At the time she had a boyfriend and Angus, a ladies’ man reputation.

Raab ended up working at Angus M, which was still in development around 2007. She also became married and the mother of one daughter, Mee –born July 15, 2007. She divorced her first husband soon-after the birth of their daughter.

She and Mitchell bonded over work and they eventually fell for each other. They had known each other for 15-years prior to their marriage. Michelle Raab and Angus tied the knot on July 4, 2010 in Hilo on his macadamia-nut farm.

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