Angela Ranastianis: AirAsia Captain Iriyanto’s Daughter


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Meet Angela Ranastianis, she is the daughter of Air Asia Captain, Iriyanto. Her father was the pilot of doomed flight QZ8501 which went missing on Sunday, December 28th.


Angela who is in her teens, has moved many around the world with the heartbreaking message she tweeted: “My twins, my hero, my everything.Papa come back. I still need you. Return my papa to me. Papa come back, we have to meet.”

She also shared a photo of her and her father during happier times.


Angela Amy Ranastianis who was born, January 8 is the captain’s oldest daughter, she has a much younger brother.



According to her Facebook account, she is in a relationship with Tama Ar


Her father had clocked 6,100 hours of flying time, while French pilot, First Officer Remi Emmanual Plesel had logged 2,275 hours.

The Airbus with 162 passengers went missing over the Java Sea early on Sunday en route to Singapore from Surabaya, Indonesia. Anggie’s father is described by other family members as a “caring man, always ready to help out.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the affected family members and friends.