Andy Savage’s Wife Amanda Savage

Amanda Savage

Amanda Savage is the wife of disgraced pastor, Andy Savage –until recently a pastor at the Highpoint Church in Memphis.

Amanda’s hubby recently presented his resignation following an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct. Earlier this year it was reported Savage had been accused of sexually assaulting a teenager 20 years ago. His victim, Jules Woodson –alleged that in 1998 Savage, then a youth pastor at a Texas church was driving her home when he turned a dirt road and sexually assaulted her. At the time Woodson was 17-years-old.

Andy Savage on the other hand, says he never forced her to do anything. During a radio interview he said “It was a very mutual, spontaneous, physical moment. Our hormones were obviously very much in that moment, and she performed oral sex.”

Both parties told church leaders what had happened, Andy Savage ended up resigning and moving to Memphis.

While at Highpoint he served as a Teaching Pastor. He says he told the church about the incident before he was hired. Earlier this year he received a standing ovation when he talked about the incident earlier this year. Someone most definitely on his corner, is without a doubt his wife of many years, Amanda.


Andy and Amanda Julian Savage are the proud parents to five children, all boys: Drew, Cooper, Wesley, Ford and Joshua.

The couple’s second child, Cooper was born with Down syndrome. Now they are both passionate advocates within the special needs community. In the church’s website he describes Amanda as a, godly woman who has been used by God to teach him many things. The pastor wife and mom of five keeps busy writing a blog, and in it, she writes that growing up she was surrounded of people who followed Jesus –which led her to want to become like one of them one day. The young Amanda would hide in her closet and pretend she was teaching the Bible.

Nowadays, she doesn’t have to pretend anymore. Amanda Savage has ‘a passion to see women and moms find their spiritual gifting and apply it to all areas of their lives – marriage, parenting, career, and ministry.’

Check out her blog here.